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How MyTripKarma makes Group Travel a piece of cake!

In our previous post, we described the challenges involved in planning a group trip of any kind, be it a vacation, a weekend or even a night out. Right from deciding where to go to sharing post trip photos and videos, group travel today can be a long and arduous process. Many trips are cancelled each year simply because people dread using tons of sites/apps for travel planning, organizing, budgeting, booking and sharing. They want a solution that makes life easy for them.

That’s why we decided to build MyTripKarma – a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

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MyTripKarma brings you and your friends on the same page and helps you plan all your group travel together on a single platform!  It saves you a phenomenal amount of time and makes travel much more fun.

Let’s look at some of the cool things you can do with MyTripKarma to make your next group trip easy and fun to plan:

  • Invite FriendsInvite friends: Planning a vacation..or simply an evening out? No problem! Just create a trip and invite your friends to join in. You can send invites via Facebook, Email, Whatsapp or even a Text Message. When you send an invite, a link to the trip is shared with the target person/group which they can click on and become a part of the trip.

Once they accept your invite, they will land on the same page where all of you can plan, discuss and organize your entire trip from start to finish. You can even invite people you trust to share their opinion about your trip.

  • Trip DiscussionDiscuss ideas: One of the biggest headaches of group travel is communication – Endless discussion threads scattered across several emails, phone calls, texts and social media. Anyone who has traveled in a group knows that organizing all those threads is a nightmare!

Thanks to MyTripKarma, you can have all your trip discussions in one place. Found a nice hotel online and want to share it with your tripmates? Awesome! Just post the link on the discussion thread for all to see and comment upon. MyTripKarma offers multi-level discussions – You can have discussions at the trip level, destination level and even an item level(flight, hotel, restaurant, attraction etc).

  • Hotel SearchAdd Content and Build Your Itinerary: Another pain of group travel is research – You end up browsing scores of sites for the right travel content. Let’s say you’re looking for the best deals on hotels in Bangkok between 5th and 10th December. To get the best prices, you will have to visit multiple sites and compare the prices across all of them. Then you’ll have to share the prices with your co-travelers, which means more communication hassles.

MyTripKarma gets rid of these hassles, by getting you the best prices(real-time) across the web in a single search. Since you get the best deals across all the top sites in one place, you can easily compare them and select the one you like best.

With MyTripKarma you get access to global content of flights, hotels, vehicles, restaurants, attractions and much more – all in one place! Our map-based search lets you see all these on a map so you know what’s located where. Anybody who is part of the trip can search and add these options to the plan and discuss it with the tripmates. If you can’t find an item, you can even add it manually. Once all the co-travelers have reviewed and finalized the items, they can easily add them to the itinerary.

  • Trip Budgeting/BookingFlexible Budgeting: One of the major challenges of group travel is budgeting. You spend hours searching for the best prices for flights, hotels, cars etc on the web, jot all of them down, discuss them with tripmates, enter them into a spreadsheet and work out the total costs.

If there’s any disagreement among the members over the selected options, you have to re-plan and re-budget the entire trip – It’s frustrating isn’t it?? What if you have people taking different flights and looking to book a larger room than others because they are travelling with their family?? Their budget will be different. How do you manage that?

With MyTripKarma, it’s easy! You can carry out quick and accurate budgeting based on real-time pricing available right down to the hotel room level. What’s more, you get the flexibility to create multiple budgets under a common plan. So each member of the group can create their own budget to suit their needs and save it in the app. They can also make their bookings separately from their preferred site.

  • PhotosAll your photos in one place: The hassles of group travel aren’t limited to the planning stage. They persist even after you’ve come back from the trip. How do you exchange all the trip photos taken by different people on different devices?? Love that photo of yours against the Eiffel Tower your friend took on his DSLR? Well, you’ll need to ask him to send it to you, and also ask that other friend who took amazing shots of you on the London Eye – We’ve all experienced that..haven’t we? Well, say goodbye to that too as you can upload all your trip photos and videos to your Trip Album in MyTripKarma for all to see, download and share! (We’ll be introducing this feature in the next version)
  • Trip ItineraryShare your Trip: Had a great trip and want to share the experience with others? In addition to sharing photos and videos, MyTripKarma allows you to share even your trip itinerary with others. Let them see where you went, where you stayed, what you did, and how much fun you had doing it!

This unique feature allows travelers to use somebody else’s itinerary as a template and customize it to build their own. Like your friend’s Thailand Trip Itinerary but wish to stay in a different hotel in Bangkok? No worries! Just remove the hotel and add the one you like! This unique feature saves you the time and trouble of building an itinerary entirely from scratch. You can even copy and reuse one of your own past trips to plan a future trips to save time.

So stop using complicated and outdated ways of planning group travel and embrace MyTripKarma! Click here to Get Started

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