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Let’s make your group trips even more fun!


The moment you plan a trip with your friends and family you begin to imagine yourself clicking pictures with them at exotic locations, singing songs on the way, playing games and doing all the fun things. Traveling with them brings a lot of joy to us.

What adds to the fun element is the sense of security and the feeling that you can reach out to your near and dear ones in times of need.

Moreover, when you spend quality time with them it helps in better bonding.

From a financial standpoint, when you travel in a group you can get lodging and boarding at cheaper rates. Hotels often offer discounts for group lodging.

Why wait till you leave your home for the fun to begin though? With MyTripKarma, the excitement of group travel begins the moment you create a trip and invite all your trip mates to come together and start planning the itinerary together! You brainstorm various options and zero in on the hotels, flights and attractions which would make an ideal trip. It’s wonderful for everyone to come together and plan everything in one place..Isn’t it? With MyTripKarma, you can do just that! It’s the virtual equivalent of all the trip members being in the same room and bouncing off ideas to plan the perfect trip together!

MyTripKarma helps you easily calculate all your travel expenses to fit your budget. It saves you a lot of your precious time. MyTripKarma has so many features that makes group travel extremely easy. You can get all the information about hotels and flights and your itinerary all at one place. What’s more, now you don’t need to request your trip mates to send pictures of the trip individually, you can share your trip pictures with them all at one place. Isn’t that amazing!

Now you and your co-travelers can plan your entire itinerary all by yourself and visit places that you want and that too in your own budget without involving a travel agent!

So log on to today and let the fun begin!

MyTripKarmaLogo-Social MediaMyTripKarma is a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs, allowing you and your friends to plan all your trips together in one place. Log on to today or download the free app to start planning your next trip!


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