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The ultimate packing list when traveling with toddlers

Travelling with toddlers

Planning to go on a vacation with your family where you have your little ones accompanying you?  Make sure it doesn’t turn into a nightmare and you find yourself running around an unknown place shopping for nappies or wipes or asking fellow travelers to do favors for you. Yes, when you are travelling with your kids you must prepare well before the D-day to save yourself from the last minute hurry-scurry of packing important things.

Travelling with the little ones is always tougher, but its an experience only few choose to let go of. Have a look at this list of what all you should pack for your next trip!

1.Nappies and diapers

Keep tons of diapers, so that you keep changing them at frequent intervals to prevent any rashes on the soft and sensitive baby skin. Pack some wipes also as washing their hands time and again would not be possible.

      2. Hand sanitizers

Traveling with or without kids hand sanitizer is an essential to pack because you are constantly touching things on the go that are not necessarily clean, plus it comes in handy when you want to sanitize your hands before feeding your kids.

      3. Bassinet

If you are travelling with an infant then make sure to reserve a bassinet. If there are no bassinets available then carry extra cushions along to support the baby.

      4. Drinking water

A toddler’s immune system is still developing and you cannot take chances with the little one’s health. So water is very essential to carry when traveling with toddlers, especially boiled water because you may not find clean drinking water everywhere. Carry an electric kettle for boiling water for your infants if possible.

     5. Sterilized bottles

You never know, when you get stuck at an airport waiting for a delayed flight for hours and hours. It’s always a great idea to carry as many cleaned and sterilized milk bottles as possible so that you can feed the baby with formula milk.

    6. Baby food

Whenever you step out of your home with your toddler even it is for a few hours, it is advisable that you pack at least two meals for them preferably in different flavors so that they do not have to eat the same food repetitively.

    8.  Clothing

Pack all necessary clothes according to the climate at your travel destination. Pack a lot of woolens(mittens, booties, caps, pullovers) when travelling to cold place. Also pack extra plastic bags for soiled clothes.

     9. Medication

Never forget to keep medicines with you when traveling. Just in case that your little one gets a flu or otherwise, you should have some medicines handy for immediate relief. Also pack mosquito repellent solutions like creams or patches. You never know!

   10. Baby bag

All airlines have different rules but generally every passenger is allowed one small carry bag in flight. Keep a baby bag that can be carried with you in the flight in which you can put all the essentials like medicines, extra set of clothes for the baby, formula milk, water bottle, hand-sanitizer, wipes, diapers, sterilized feeding bottles, baby food, spoons, bibs, pacifiers, plastic bags to dispose diapers or any other used trash, baby blanket, diaper rash cream, talcum powder and yes packing their favorite toy never hurts!

It all boils down to how well you plan and pack your luggage keeping your little one’s needs in mind before leaving because, when you have your kids traveling with you do not travel with the same spontaneity as you did before having kids. As a parent you have to slow down to plan your trips. Yes even if it means to choose traveling to distances closer to home or traveling to safer locations.

Please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions to add to this list, we have tried to cover all the essentials. Follow our blog for more!

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