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9 Unusual Water Sports for the Adventure Lover in You!

Whether you are an adventure lover or not you would surely love to know about some of the unusual and intriguing water sports that people around the world play. Most of the sports mentioned below are extremely dangerous and can even prove to be fatal, but people from around the world defy their inner fears and enjoy the adrenaline rush they get from such sports.

Hats off to them for challenging and overcoming their physical and mental limitations and pushing the boundaries of human endeavour!

1) Cage diving


cage diving

People looking for extreme adventure dive into a shark dominated region of the ocean or a crocodile infested river while keeping themselves safe in a cage. Coming in the vicinity of these carnivores gives a sense of thrill to these adventure lovers.

2) Crocodile Bungee Jumping



Bungee jumping is a sport in which the player jumps off a tall structure like a building or bridge while tied to an elastic cord. The free fall and the rebound of the elastic cord give a sense of thrill and adventure to the people who attempt to do it. Crocodile bungee is an extreme form of the sport in which enthusiasts jump into crocodile infested water bodies just to experience the thrill of coming in the vicinity of these huge carnivorous reptiles.

3) Ice swiming

Ice hole swimming

Ice swimming1

It is an activity of swimming when the water has frozen and the point of entrance in the water is a hole where the spring prevents the formation of ice. It can be very dangerous if the body is not used to extremely cold weather. It can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest and must be attempted under proper guidance.

4) Under Water Hockey



In this game there are two teams with ten players each but at a time only six players play to manoeuvre a puck using a pusher into the opponents’ goal.

5) Flyboarding



It is an aquatic activity which involves the use of a fly board attached to a personal water craft which propels the flyboard through air and water. Improper safety arrangement can lead to head injury, neck injury or back injury. Beginners should do this under proper guidance.

6) Extreme Ironing



Extreme ironing is a sport in which the player is supposed to iron an item of clothing in an extreme condition like ironing while climbing a steep cliff, in a canoe, while skiing or snowboarding, while parachuting and so on. Ironing underwater or while water skiing is just another branch of extreme ironing.

7) Cliff diving



It is for those who find adventure in diving into water from a high cliff. It is considered extremely difficult and dangerous and the diver might have to push as much as 26 ft to clear the rocks below.

8) Mud pit belly flops

mud belly flop


Its a part of the Redneck Games held in Dublin and was created to help childrens’ needs. In this game the participants are supposed to jump into a mud pit filled with water.

9) Bog Snorkeling

Wereldkampieonschappen Moeras snorkelen (Bog Snokling)

Wereldkampieonschappen Moeras snorkelen (Bog Snokling)

In this sport the players have to complete two consecutive lengths of trenches filled with water. Competitors are supposed to wear snorkels and flippers but they cannot swim. They have to traverse the trench on the flipper power alone. This is actually a pretty serious sport, with its own World Championship that takes place in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales(UK) every august!

Head out and explore some of the most bizarre water sports around!

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