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Scandinavia Travel Guide- Fun For The Whole Family

Scandinavia is a beautiful region full of lush green lands, breathtaking waterfalls, mountain peaks and colourful towns decorating the coastlines. It is a truly historical and cultural region in Northern Europe and offers some of the most picturesque landscapes known to man.

With beautiful waterfalls, undisturbed ecosystems, expansive forests, vast archipelagos and rugged cliffs, there’s plenty to discover in the “Land of the Vikings.”

“Scandinavia”, which includes the countries Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden are linked by the similarities in their languages, but the region is defined by much more. The blond hair, blue eyes and a dry sense of humour of Finland or Norway, as well as a general prosperity throughout the countries that some claim makes them the most desirable place in the world to travel.

Here we have curated a list of must see places in Scandinavia. Hopefully it will provide you some inspiration for your next trip.


Geiranger Fjord


Situated in the Sunnmøre area of Møre og Romsdal district, it is encompassed by grand, snow-shrouded mountain tops, wild waterfalls and rich, green vegetation. View of Impressive waterfalls among them with some of the well-known falls, De syv søstrene (“the Seven Sisters”), Friaren (“the Suitor”) and Brudesløret (“the Bridal Veil”), which makes a never‐ending presentation of steadily changing rainbows to fill you with joy and wonder. In 2005, it was listed in the rundown of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Northern Lights

Nordlys i Finnmark

The Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis can be seen nearest to the Earth’s attractive poles. Visit the northern Norwegian town of Tromsø for the best perspective of the Aurora Borealis, after the long summer days have stopped. The myriad hues light up the sky like a stunning fairyland experience.



Nordkapp is the northernmost point on the territory of the European mainland! The purpose of “Lappland” which is the place northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland meet and makes an enchantment in the winter time for explorers.



This crazy boulder (called “Kjerag” for short, pronounced like “SHER-ROG”) is wedged between two cliffs and has been there since the beginning of time.  This might be one of the most visited and well known places in Norway.  Tourists hike to the boulder and muscle up enough courage to jump out onto it for a quick photo. Nevertheless, it’s a great hike and a must visit!

Atlantic Ocean Road


Built in the 1980s, the road and its 8 breath-taking (and sometimes terrifying) bridges has become one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Originally a toll-road, the roller-coaster-ish road has now more than paid for itself and is toll-free today with thousands of motorists and motorcyclists basking in its twists, turns, and stunning views. When the weather is fair you may spot whales and seals, but it’s when the weather turns nasty that the Atlantic Ocean Road really becomes a photographer’s dream.


Lake Siljan


The focal point of the nation, Siljan is Sweden’s 6th biggest lake and a standout amongst the most delightful spots in Scandinavia. It was framed more than 377 million years back by Europe’s biggest meteoric effect. The meteor smashed through Earth’s climate by dispensing with all life and making a 75km ring-formed hole. This pit later turned into a lake and today it is amongst the most beautiful sights in Sweden.

Ice Hotel


The Ice-hotel in North Sweden is fabricated each year from ice pieces taken from the Torne River before it softens away and streams again into the waterway.


Legoland in Billund

Lego reports "very satisfactory" six-month results

The famous Danish theme park Legoland in Billund is great fun to visit! 340 billion pieces of Lego and many rides can provide entertainment for days!

Danish Royal Gardens, Near Copenhagen


These wonderful gardens in Denmark offer peace and quiet for everyone and let you get away from the busy city life for a while. During the Baroque period, French design had a strong influence on Danish castle gardens and gave them their special flair. These quiet retreats should definitely be a part of your trip if you are planning to visit the Copenhagen area.


Blue Lagoon

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Scandinavia’s top attractions also include the geysers, especially the Blue Lagoon near Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Visit one of the many hot thermal pools which are always pleasantly warm, whatever the weather.

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave


Vatnajokull Glacier, otherwise called Vatna Glacier, is a standout among the most amazing production of nature, yet the caves that have formed underneath the ice sheet are significantly more delightful. Situated in the south-east part of the island, Vatnajokull is the biggest ice top in Europe which was initially framed from a volcanic emission that occurred in November 1996. The ejection dissolved billions of gallons of ice and shaped a gem like hole inside that leaves visitors astounded.

Whale Watching in Norway & Iceland


In Scandinavia, whale watching is very popular among tourists, and many travelers choose to go whale watching on a whale safari during their vacation in Norway or Iceland. Adventurous travelers can even sign up for special whale safaris offering to let you swim with the whales.

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