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7 Essential things every Traveler should keep in mind before Booking a Hotel Room Online

The growth of ecommerce and online ticket booking has enriched our travel experiences.

You can plan your entire holiday and make hotel bookings right from your cell phone or computer. Furthermore, platforms like allow you to compare all the hotels in your desired destination with their rates in one app, and book the hotel you like best. They’re extremely useful and can save you a lot of money.

Despite all the technological innovation in the hospitality industry, an alarming phenomenon has risen in recent years – customers are being progressively targeted by scammers, who astutely mask their location to trick consumers into thinking they are going to official hotel sites.

Here’s how it works: you’re planning a holiday and you Google hotels in your desired destination. A bunch of results pop up, and some of them are the hotel’s immediate booking site. So you get onto the website, select a room and reserve your room. But guess what – it’s not the hotel’s website.

This was just one of many real-world scenarios.

Choosing the ideal hotel room on the web can be arduous. Hotel reviews and photos can often be misleading and don’t always accurately reflect what the stay will truly be like.

So we at decided to prepare a list of things to take care of while booking your hotel online. This will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Pick Hotels that showcase their rooms using virtual tours or picturesHotels booking

The more data a hotel gives about its rooms, the better. At the point when leading your hunt, look out for places that give you enough data on their site to have the capacity to comprehend the room, including photographs and floor plans.

See which room type Travelers prefer

Book-online hotels

At the point when hunting down hotels on booking portals, a user can get extra data on what the visitor experience is like in particular rooms of the hotel by tapping on the “Room Tips” tab. Here, you’ll access their evaluations that address everything from the measure of light that comes into rooms to whether civilities like Wi-Fi, breakfast are included into the daily room charges.

Sort Hotels by ratings

Check the reviews

When booking hotels through OTAs, pick your budget and location and after that sort the results by ratings and focus on the top 10 results. This is a brisk approach to get to the hotels users have been most satisfied with, without rummaging through heaps of data.

Give a preference to hotels that made an effort to respond to user reviews

The best hotels offer first rate customer service, yet everybody commits mistakes occasionally. A decent approach to spot quality hotels is to search for properties where the general administrator take the time and push to address negative reviews and see how to settle the issue for future visitors.

Peruse three star reviews online to see what the normal experience looks like for guests

If you need to get a feeling of what the average traveler thinks about the hotel, investigate the three-star online reviews. That way, you can become more acquainted with both the positive and negative viewpoints, rather than taking a look at simply the most exceptional evaluations and experiences.

Call the hotels specifically if you find a superior rate

When the time comes to book your room, if you happen to locate a superior arrangement than the hotel’s best-rate ensure, we encourage you to call the hotels directly, to make sure the offer is genuine. Asking to get the same rate directly through them is often a viable option.

Be careful about online website scams and discount tricks


While it won’t happen frequently, it is possible to get misled when hunting down a hotel room. We advise that users never book from a site that doesn’t offer a secure connection and to be vigilant when you run over sites that don’t have contact details mentioned or are utilizing photographs and information from another source.

According to us, an online hotel booking site should give the accompanying essential things:

  •  Offer real time room booking service
  •  Allow date alterations and cancellations online
  •  Rates should obviously show what cash is being cited, whether the rate is per individual or per room, and what is and what is excluded in the rate, and, if duties are excluded, the amount they will be
  •  The location information of the hotel should be listed on the main website. This can help to find out the distance from the hotel to certain landmarks or the airport.
  •  Genuine pictures of the rooms and facilities
  •  Star quality ratings and guest reviews
  • Secured payment gateways

Here is a checklist you can use to select a hotel online. If you follow this checklist, you’re less likely to have bad experiences:

  •  Have you seen the hotel on a map, and do you understand the precise area in relation to the airport, city center or major sightseeing locations?
  •  Do you know what the rate is which currency it is cited in, whether this rate is per individual or per room, every night or for the entire stay?
  •  Do you understand the quality of the hotel?
  •  Does the rate include everything or there are additional charges, taxes, tips and so on, extra to pay on top of the base rate? How much are these additional expenses if they exist? Are there some other obligatory costs that you may need to pay?
  •  Are there any extra inclusions such as wifi or breakfast, and, if so, is the breakfast cooked or continental breakfast?
  •  Is your reservation ensured? Will it be held for late arrival and check in?
  •  What are the cancellation and modification policy and charges?
  •  If you have any specific needs or necessities or desires, you should double check with the hotels directly that these special requests have been received, comprehended and will be provided by them.
  •  Most imperatively, if you paid ahead of time any sums to the OTA, affirm that you won’t be charged again by the hotels specifically. Keep in mind that some online travel agencies are totally autonomous of the hotels they benefit, and could be anywhere on the planet; once they get your cash; there is no certification that they will pass it on to the hotels in time for your stay. Therefore, it’s advisable to book only with well-known OTAs which have industry accreditations and clearly mentioned contact details.

As the saying goes – better safe than sorry. We hope you found these tips useful and wish you safe travels.

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