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Why You Should Visit the Tianzi Mountains in China: The Mountains That Look Like Skyscrapers


The world is full of beautiful natural wonders that have the power to take your heartbeat and breath away the moment you look at them. One of these natural wonders is the Tianzi Mountains located in, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in china.

Mind you, when you visit you won’t believe your eyes. But they’re real. They’re not the floating ones, or suspended mid-air CGI that director James Cameron showed off in his movie as the planet Pandora’s Hallelujah Mountains.

Avatar statue
Yes, they’re the original inspiration behind the movie Avatar’s hovering mountains. Amazing rock formations of this unique park are prototypes of world-famous “Hallelujah Mountains”. The beauty and unusual nature of the park are unbelievable. Mountain peaks and caves, waterfalls, rare fauna and flora – There is no picture that could show splendor and grandeur of this place.

The Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is one of the four remarkable places in Wulingyuan, a scenic and historical site in south-central China’s Hunan Province. The name Tianzi can be translated as Son of Heaven in Chinese. The reserve area covers a total area of 16,550 acres and the highest peak in the range rises to the height of 4,140 feet.

1The spot is so unique, that nowhere else in the world you would find anything like it. Often mist and clouds drift mountains in the mystic atmosphere. Visitors can be taken up by a funicular and admire the vast landscape from a bird’s eye.



Beauty of the Mountains

The Tianzi Mountain Reserve zone is known for its entrancing beauty. You can get the enchanting perspective of the crests from the top. Like most places in China there is a legend connected with the Tianzi Mountain. It is believed that Xiang Dakun, the pioneer of the Tu tribe drove a transformation and pronounced himself the Son of Heaven or Tianzi. Xiang Dakun (who was a farmer and a leader of a farmers’ revolt) and his armed force battled valiantly yet they were pushed back towards these mountains. Lastly Xiang Dakun finished his own life by bouncing off the cliff.

The Tianzi Mountains are an incredible spot to explore for a nature lover and travel around places. The natural scenery, wild and rugged and pretty much untouched. When travelers to Tianzi have gone up to the view decks by means of the Bailong Lift, a glass lift that park officials claim is the tallest and fastest of its kind in the world, they can be forgiven for thinking they’ve stepped into another planet. The view is absolutely heart-stopping from the view deck.
View Deck lift


Best time to Visit

The best time to visit the park is September and October, when the weather is comfortable, and it is not crowded in the park. From December to February it may snow or become frozen. It is very cold in the mountainous area, and with slippery roads and paths it is not very safe. The forest park is closed for one week in February for routine maintenance. 

Places to visit around Tianzi

With more than 200 stages to visit, you won’t come up short on spots to see when you visit the Tianzi Mountains. Be that as it may, in the event that you plan to stay in the region for a couple days and you would prefer not to invest your entire energy in the mountains, here are 3 unique attractions that you’ll unquestionably appreciate.

  • Baofeng Lake

Baofeng LakeFrequently called a “traditional lake,” the appealing Baofeng Lake is an immaculate marriage of common view and neighborhood society. The lake, which has a reflective quality like a mirror, is encompassed by emerald green mountains. The water is quiet and originates from precipitation, underground streams and mountain springs. This sight is as of now beautiful in itself, yet your eyes will devour numerous more milestones in the region, including the surely understood Baofeng Waterfall and the baffling Fairy Lady Reflected in the Lake.There’s a secretive sanctuary in the range that you can’t skip. The shrouded Baofeng Temple can be found in the Baofeng Lake Scenic Area.

Baofeng Lake1

  • Huanglong Cave

Huanglong CaveThe polychromatic Huanglong Cave has everything that you need in a cave. You’ll find two sorts of caves — hangdong and shuidong — when you visit Huanglong Cave. Hangdong hollows have no water, while shuidong caverns contain water. As you go further into the hollow, the splendid and shifted shades of the cavern will enchant you. In case you’re short on time, make certain to look at the Maze, which is considered as the finest area in the cave. There’s a focal winged serpent throne in the Maze, which is encompassed by numerous stone columns and stalagmites.

  • Diaojiaolou

DiaojiaolouDiaojiaolou is the name given to the stilted places of the Tujia individuals. These houses are upheld by wooden columns and drift over the water. The Tujia individuals assembled these one of a kind houses to shield themselves from the threats of the marsh water beneath. Additionally, the houses’ high position help the Tujia individuals stay away from the toxic vegetation and venomous snakes in the water.

Take this chance to come in for a visit and stay a night or two. Appreciate the fragrant wood aroma and the interesting knowledge as you settle in for a decent night’s rest.

These three attractions, alongside the perspectives in the Tianzi Mountains, will give you bounty to do and see amid your stay in the range. Simply make certain to have loads of space accessible on your camera and in your memory banks for all these astounding sights!

It’s not difficult to get to the famous park:

There are two ways to follow:

  • Fly to Hunan Airport. There are flights to Zhangjiajie from any big city in China.
  • Use taxi or bus to get to the park or to a hotel.
  • Direct train journeys from major tourist cities are at least 10 hours and not recommended to travelers.

The nearest major transit city to Zhangjiajie with bullet trains is Changsha, but it is far away (5 hours by train), and full of hassle to transit.

We suggest going via a city with direct flights to Zhangjiajie, and international flights, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

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