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13 Mouth-Watering Street Foods Around The World That You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life!

No matter what part of the world you’re traveling to, trying the local cuisine is a must. Fine dining can be delicious, but the best way to taste the local cuisine at an affordable price is trying the street food.

Food and travel go together as one of life’s great experiences. Although we enjoy multi-cuisine and elaborate meals at restaurants, it’s often our street food quests and raw, on-the-ground journeys that provide a truly authentic experience.

Street food adds spice to our travels and helps us connect more deeply with a destination’s local culture.

Can you imagine visiting Paris without having a crêpe? Or Walking through Hong Kong streets and not eating an egg waffle?

We’ve scoured the globe for 13 iconic street-food dishes, from tacos al pastor to Mumbai’s bhel puri, to add to your travel bucket list.

Some will be familiar, some completely foreign, but all are worth a try.

1) USA : Lobster Rolls

Lobster Rolls

What could be worse than a few lumps of lobster meat on rich bread? Making a delicious lobster roll – now that’s an entirely different story. Lobster rolls, initially a New England specialty, have turned into a trend around the United States as a street food. It contains Lobster meat blended with spread and mayo, sandwiched between a toasted buttered bun.

2) Colombia: Arepas


Where to Try: Bogotá

Arepas are commonly eaten for breakfast or as an evening nibble. Arepas are filled flatbreads produced using maize or flour that can be flame broiled, prepared, or seared to perfection. Arepas are regularly used to make sandwiches in Venezuela, but it is not the situation in Colombia, where they’re ordinarily topped with butter, cheese, eggs, consolidated milk, chorizo, or an onion-based sauce called hogao. If you need to eat like a local Bogotá resident, go for the conventional breakfast of a plain arepa with a measure of hot chocolate.

3) Israeli: Falafel


Where to Try: Tel Aviv

The origin of falafel is obscure and dubious: Egypt, Palestine, Israel, and different countries have all made a case for it. In any case, it assumes a vast part in Israeli cooking and is broadly thought to be the national dish. The word falafel alludes to pan fried balls produced using chickpeas, however it can likewise mean a sandwich containing the squanders. Served in a pita, falafel can be had with plate of mixed greens, salted vegetables, hummus, hot sauce, flavors, and tahini sauce.

4) Hong Kong: Egg Waffle

Egg waffle

An egg waffle with marshmallows, frozen yogurt, and chocolate is reason enough to book a plane ticket to Hong kong. Egg waffles initially showed up in the city of Hong Kong in the 1950s, and they’ve been a prominent snack from that point forward. Their extraordinary look is delivered by cooking an eggy hitter between two metal plates of semi-circular cells over an open fire or electrical radiator. Egg waffles are best eaten hot off the frying pan, and for the most part delighted in plain. You can even have diverse kinds of flavors, for example, chocolate, green tea, or ginger.

5) India: Bhel Puri


Where to Try: Mumbai

India’s street side snacks, locally called chaat, differ incredibly from area to area, yet an extremely popular chaat item called ‘bhel puri’ can be found in many parts of the nation. Mumbai is where it originated and it remains the best place to enjoy the authentic taste with a blend of puffed rice, seared and crunchy vermicelli-like noodles called sev, chopped vegetables, chaat masalas(mixed spices), and delectable chutneys.

6) Argentina: Choripan


Where to eat: Buenos Aires

Hotdog sandwiches are a staple of South American road sustenance, prevalent in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela. The Argentine choripán is a model of effortlessness: a grilled beef-and-pork sausage, split down the middle and placed on crusty bread, then topped with garlicky chimichurri sauce. It’s a famous nourishment thing at games venues, and it’s usually served as an appetizer during the preparation of an asado, yet you can discover them at road street stalls any day of the week.

7) Morocco: Tagine


You’ll discover Moroccan tagines everywhere throughout the Morocco—from the fanciest eateries to the restaurants. Despite the fact that the arrangements can change, they more often than not exclude meat, vegetables, flavors, and leafy foods. Tagines are either served plain or with couscous or bread.

8) Italy: Suppli


Where to eat: Rome

A littler variant of Sicilian arancini, these broiled rice balls are named for “surprise”, a reference to the overflowing piece of mozzarella found inside. Despite the fact that the formula once included chicken gizzards, the fixings have pretty much continued through to the end for as far back as century: rice, mixture made with ground meat and tomatoes, and mozzarella. Supplì were once sold by road sellers, yet nowadays you can locate the addictive croquettes at any Roman pizza spot or supermarket.

9) Turkey: Durum

Turkey Durum

Where to eat: Istanbul

Translated as “roll”, dürüm is a wrap made with flatbreads like Armenian lavash or Turkish yufka. Inside the wrap, you’ll find döner kebab fixings: spiced meat—generally lamb, however chicken or beef-veal combination are sometimes options, cooked on a vertical spit then cut off and garnished with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and lettuce, alongside herb-loaded yogurt and hot sauce.

10) Mexico: Tacos al Pastor


In the same way as other extraordinary road side snacks around the globe, tacos al pastor is the consequence of one culture crashing into another. For this situation, Lebanese individuals who emigrated to Mexico carried with them the custom of spit-cooking meats, lamb. In Mexico, the meat was supplanted by pork, which is marinated in dried chiles, flavors, and pineapple before being cooked. Cut off the spit like shawarma, the delicate meat is then served on little tortillas with onions, cilantro, and some piece of pineapple; lime juice and hot salsa are other servings.

11) Jamaica: Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken

When it comes to jerk chicken, there’s no beating the authentic taste straight from a smoky rascal cottage. Recipes are firmly kept secret, yet normally begin with chicken on the bone slathered in a marinade of allspice, thyme, scotch hat chillies, ginger and spring onions. The meat is left overnight to assimilate the flavors before being barbecued over pimento wood.

12) Philippines: Halo-Halo


Simply interpreted as “mix mix,” halo-halo is one of the world’s craziest sundaes, a flawless foil for sticky days in the Philippines. The main parts are shaved ice and vanished milk; past that, an entire host of a ingredients can go into halo-halo.

13) France: Crepes


You can get at any time of day; the crêpe is a cherished component of any Parisian street food. Flavorful crêpes, normally made with wheat flour and served for lunch or supper. They are ordinarily loaded with ham and cheese, however you can discover renditions containing vegetables, eggs, and different meats. Sweet crêpes, regularly made with wheat flour and served for breakfast or pastry, contain sugar, organic product jam, custards, or Nutella.

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