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7 Cool Things To Do in Barcelona at Night

Things to do in Barcelona at night

When you visit Barcelona, one thing you will soon learn about, that it’s a city that doesn’t sleep.

The Spanish eat late, drink late and go out very late. And they love to party.

While traveling to Barcelona, at the weekend don’t be surprised if nightclubs start filling around 1-2 AM in the morning, and they go on until about 06:00.

In the day, Barcelona is a bustling treasure trove of cultural and architectural masterpieces, gourmet food options, and sunny beaches. Barcelona has its beach, its mountains, its amazing architecture, and of course plenty of fun things to do.

Stylish, vibrant, and with an independent sense of its own identity, Barcelona is filled with enough sights, attractions and cultural treasures to satisfy any soul. Whether you are here for the delicious food, dynamic arts scene or rich architectural heritage, there’s always more to surprise and delight you every time you visit.

But as the sun goes down and the sparkling city lights illuminate the streets, that’s when the energy really goes up a few notches. Classical concerts, jazz sessions, rock gigs, theatre, cinema, night clubs – whatever your idea of the perfect night out, you’ll find it in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, the party never stops.

Make the most of your night with our top recommendations on what to do in Barcelona at night!

Here we go:

1) Enjoy the Sunset at the Top of Tibidabo

Sunset at Barcelona

So, if you’re looking for a delicious cocktail of romance, mixed with an astonishing Barcelona view and topped with the great Bar Mirablau Barcelona, make sure your Google search terminates here and follow this advice all the way up the mountain of Tibidabo! Prices might be higher than what you would pay in downtown Barcelona, but you pay for the scenery as well too, right? The Mirablau is situated at the top of the Tibidabo tram line, opposite the funicular station.

2) Take a local “Tapas & Beers” Tour

Local “Tapas & Beers” Tours

Eating tapas is synonymous with a visit to Barcelona, and the apropos named Tapas and Beers food visit will take you to probably the most legitimate tapas bars in the hip area of Gracia, to attempt exemplary Spanish and Catalan dishes like razor mollusks, patatas bravas and Iberian ham. If you are obsessed with cerveza they likewise have a devoted specialty beer tour, where you get the chance to attempt a portion of the most recent local lagers with an expert brewer. Night owls should look at their “Fashionable person’s Bar Crawl”.

3) Have a Cocktail

Have a drink

Barcelona is exceptionally known for art and crafts, culture, Gaudí, yet what numerous individuals don’t know is that it is also the city where you will discover a portion of the best Daiquiris (a cocktail containing rum and lime juice) on the planet.  

Places like Gimlet, Dry Martini or Torre Rosa are houses of prayer for the general population that like to appreciate a decent mixed drink or long beverages around the local area. But one shines above all: Boada’s Cocktail bar. It is a most loved by local people and guests and is preferably situated at the highest point of La Rambla. It is an incredible spot to set out toward a pre-supper drink. The nature of the beverages, its comfortable environment and the polished skill of the barkeeps will hold you back for more.

4) A night at the Opera, Gran Teatre Liceu

Opera, Gran Teatre Liceu

El Gran Teatre del Liceo is Barcelona’s musical drama (Opera) house and was established on the Rambla in 1847 where it has proceeded throughout the years. It is the biggest opera house after the Paris Opera House, and one of the symbols of the city. Guided visits during the day are accessible for those wishing to test how the principal opera house in Europe to play Wagner’s Parsifal at Bayreuth, looks.

However, the real joy comes when you witness a performance. Take a seat among the splendor and savor the atmosphere as you enjoy some of the finest operas in the world.

5) Watch the Lights & Music Show at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The Magic Fountain is the main element of the gathering of waterfalls and lakes which stretch from Plaza España to the MNAC in Montjuic Mountain. Would you believe that 2.500 liters of water are pumped each second through this incredible fountain?

The Magic Fountain was built for the 1929 World Fair by engineer Cales Buïgas. Back then, utilizing to a great degree artisan strategies, up to 30 water arrangements plans could be utilized with various hues. In the 80s music was included, and in no time before the 1992 Olympic Games it was totally redesigned.

6) Visit Casa Milà (La Pedrera) at Nightfall

Casa Milà (La Pedrera) at night

The majority of people are mesmerized by the innovative virtuoso of Gaudí when the intricacies of his design are uncovered in the light of day. Nonetheless, in the enchantment of the night, Gaudí’s last finished undertaking becomes animated in various ways. Find Casa Milà, or La Pedrera (the stone quarry) as it is famously known, by night on the Gaudí’s Pedrera: The Origins tour. This visit consolidates varying media components to uncover the alcoves and corners of this delightful building and a breathtaking rooftop light demonstrate what has received rave reviews and is just open to travelers on the tour.

7) Discover the ‘Dark Past’ of Barcelona on a Night Walking Tour

the ‘Dark Past’ of Barcelona on a night walking tour

If dancing or partying is not your idea of fun, you might enjoy going on a night walking tour. On ‘The Dark Past Walking Tour’, which starts at 9 pm in the summer months, explore the dark legends and history of Barcelona with a knowledgeable and engaging guide.

Be transported to a Barcelona where executions and torture were common during the Spanish Inquisition period. Do note that this tour may not be suitable for children below 14 years of age. The tour group size is limited to 15 people and pre-booking is required.

Before you arrive in Barcelona, be sure to get some rest because you won’t be getting much in this vibrant city that never seems to sleep. Whether your aim is to party like there’s no tomorrow; to soak up the architectural masterpieces of Gaudí, or to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the city, you will find that there are countless options for you to choose from.

Day and night, like two sides of a coin, you will see different facets of Barcelona being revealed that will surprise and delight you. As the sun goes down, and parts of the city start to awaken, that’s when you’ll experience the full glory of Barcelona.

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    Great post! You have provided some inspiration for when we visit Barcelona next month! Can’t wait to try out a few of your ideas 🙂

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