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10 Spectacular Hiking Trails Around the World

We travel for many reasons.

We Travel for freedom. We travel to explore the world. We travel to get away from our hectic life. But we also travel for another very important reason.


The thrill of the unknown, the thrill of exploring something new, the thrill of living life on the edge and in a way, becoming a new person.

So if you are an adventure junkie, here are 10 of the world’s most exhilarating hiking trails.

Yes, they are steep, spine chilling and treacherous, but they’re life changing.

The trails are known to have some of the world’s stunning landscapes and they are worth seeing.

1) Mount Hua Shan, China

Best Hiking Trails - Mount Hua Shan China

Located in China, this is the world’s scariest hiking trail. It can only be accessed by hooking into iron chains which is parallel to floating boards from Mount Hua Shan. There are some stairs in the start of the trail and people call it “Stairs of Heaven”. A few pieces of floating wood boards to stand on and an iron chain to hang on to are all that are there to keep people from falling. Because of this it is known as world’s most dangerous hiking trail.

2) Maroon Bells South Ridge, Colorado

Best Hiking Trails - Maroon Bells Colorado

Maroon Bells is the most scenic hiking trail with its mesmerizing surroundings of nature. It’s called ‘The deadly bells’ by the U.S forest department because of the unstable rock while hiking that kills without warning. The trail is comparatively easy but a hiker needs to know the proper routes.

3) Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

Best Hiking Trails - Cascade Saddle New Zealand

Located at Mt. Aspiring National Park (made famous by Lord of the Rings Movies) on New Zealand’s South Island, this trail gives you a beautiful view of the beech forest and alpine meadows. It’s a four-day trek, and it can be dangerous in certain weather conditions. The Cascade Saddle Route is for experienced hikers only, and should not be attempted in bad weather conditions.

4) Mist Trail, California

Best Hiking Trails - Mist Trail

Yosemite National Park is an iconic landscape located in north-central California in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Yosemite Valley. This park’s unique attraction is the Mist Trail which offers a great hiking experience. The journey of a short and challenging track gives hikers a breathtaking view of two waterfalls. And, as the trail name suggests, you can expect to get wet. Many hikers do not want to miss the spray that thunders up from the ground as the river pounds the rocks below on the earth.

5) Via Ferrata, Italy

Best Hiking Trails - Via Ferrata Italy

Vie Ferrata (means Iron path in Italian) offers an exciting mix of rock climbing and hiking using protected cables, lunges or steps. This route allows even inexperienced hikers to climb or have an incredible hiking experience. In Italy, the Dolomites are home to some of the most famous and challenging via ferrata. These dolomites are an absolute mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

6) El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Best Hiking Trails - El Caminito Del Rey

El Caminito, a 100 year old walkway, located in southern Spain is famous around the world for its poor condition of structure. This condition gives some of the adrenaline junkies a breathtaking experience of hiking. According to some fiction stories, king of Spain walked this path once. But there’s one thing you need to consider, whatever you do, don’t look down. Or else you will become the kings of heaven too.

7) Devil’s Path, New York

Best Hiking Trails - Devil's Path

With 14,000 feet above sea level, this not-for-the-faint-hearted trail is considered as the most dangerous hiking path in the east coast. This 16-mile Devil’s Path in East, located two hours from NYC in the Catskills region. Locals believe that the Devil’s Path got its name from the first Dutch and German settlers to the Catskill region. They took one look at the higher, deeply notched mountains marching west from the Hudson River and figured that only the Devil could walk such a steep, treacherous path.

8) Himalayan Treks, Nepal

Best Hiking Trails - Himalayas Nepal

Known as the holy grail of trekking, the Himalayas are one of the world’s greatest trekking destinations. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s 10 highest peaks, including Everest and fluttering prayer flags, yak caravans and epic mountain adventures in the Himalayan trail. Some hikers call it a trip of a lifetime. It’s one of the longest and highest trails on earth.

9) Kalalau, Hawaii

Best Hiking Trails - Kalalau Trail

The Kalalau Trail on the Hawaiian island of Kauai allows you to hike through one of the world’s most famous natural wonders, the Na Pali coast. The Kalalau Trail makes a 11-mile climb from Ke’e Beach to the Kalalau Beach along the beauty of the famous Na Pali Coast. Making the hike to one of the highest rated beaches in the world is reason enough to go for every hiker.

10) Angel’s Landing, Utah

Best Hiking Trails - Angel's Landing

Angels Landing is one of the classic and thrilling hikes in Zion national park, Utah and one of the most stunning viewpoints you will ever experience on the top. But it’s not recommended for anybody with a fear of heights. This steep hike will take between 3-6 hours; and the view will take your breath away from the top!

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