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12 Useful Tips for Solo Travelers

tips for solo travel

Gone are the days when travelling with a group of friends or family was the only option available. Today a lot of travelers enjoy traveling solo every once in a while owing to the freedom and the unique experience solo trips offer. Be it travelling to nearby weekend destinations or travelling around the world in 80 days, a solo traveler spends the most memorable time of his/her life as these moments add to the beautiful journey of life that we all aspire to live in a grand way.

Hence, if you plan to go solo on any trip or adventure tour, here are 12 tips that will help you plan and prepare for your solo trip to any part of the world and have a great time!

1) Planning is the Key

Solo travel planning

Yes, always remember the better you plan a solo trip the more awesome it gets every moment. So before you get going, some homework prior to the trip will help you save time on aligning your further decisions and plans. So, before you start, book a hotel for yourself, at least for the first night or halt.

2) Travel Light!

Solo travel packing light

Having less luggage along can help you avoid quite many problems ranging from carrying difficulties to vulnerability to lose them. Hence, just carry a suitcase or a backpack that would surely suffice whether you are out for a few days or a few weeks!

3) Make the most of Daylight

traveling solo during day

If you are traveling to a completely new place, you wouldn’t want to roam around exploring unfamiliar territory at night. Isn’t it?

4) Build Connections

traveling solo building connections

Absolutely! You got to be open to make connections with other travelers. Remember the awesomeness of movie “Queen” where Kangana Ranaut makes some great friends? So, the common rooms and lounges of hotels are the best place to mingle with people who can make short term friends. You never know, you may also get some guidance for some new exciting place in the city!

5) Get along with Locals of the City

get along with locals

You may find it strange, but bonding with locals can help you explore some undiscovered sides of the people of that city that no book will reveal. Getting to know people better can actually give you some incredible inputs about the place you visit.

6) Keep your Eyes and Mind open

Not only will that help you in being alert at all times which is important, but also to observe the world around in a different manner and who knows you may watch things from a different perspective. And practically, walking by the streets, the café or the benches of the park, can teach you how to use the public transport or get a cab, or may be a lot more than you may expect.

7) Put that Shyness away!

solo travel talking to strangers

Learn how to engage with the strangers in a conversation or how to start a conversation. You being curious about others and discussing the answers to a few open ended questions can gift you some answers of questions that were unanswered so far.

8) Step out! Hang out!

Tips for solo travel

Why spend those lovely evenings inside the 4 walls of your hotel when you can make the most of the lovely atmosphere outside? So the next thing you should do is to step out of your hotel and explore some pubs and bars and maybe grab a seat at the bar to enjoy some soothing music or groove throughout the night. Going for a concert or for a movie could be another option that can be tried. And yes! You got to try these stepping out solo!

9) Try Communal Tables

solo travel eat at communal table

A lonely night? Don’t be upset when you dine alone at night. Most of the solo travelers find it a moment that makes them realize that they are all alone, but this is eventually the best thing to try by going to a restaurant that has communal tables or counters. Placing an order with the help of a local can surely help you enjoy your dinner to its best.

10) Learn something new

solo travel taking a cooking class

How about trying your hands on cooking or taking up some language classes? Signing up for the short term courses in a city where you plan to stay for a little while can help you connect with more and more people and also gives you something exciting to talk about when you return! Those memory lanes wills surely make you feel nostalgic.

11) Get Adventurous

solo travel taking off the beaten path

Traveling solo can be even more interesting if you pick the road not taken. Most of the travelers get attracted by the off-the-beaten tracks and that is where most of the travelers meet other travelers. This also says that the travelers you meet here will surely have something in common with you.

12) Occasionally take Organized Tours

Let go sometimes and enjoy the organized tours. Not always you should experiment. Sometimes, it good to relax and enjoy an organized tour and let somebody else manage things for you.

So when are you planning your solo trip? Don’t disclose it your friends as they are surely not joining you for your ‘solo travel tour’! Get going & have fun at a new place!

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