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8 Must-Try Activities in India for Adventure Seekers and the Best Destinations To Experience Them In

Looking at the growing interest among adventure sports enthusiasts in India and significant development in the adventure tourism infrastructure, it goes without saying that India is now becoming one of the hotspots for adventure travel. Arguably, it is also one of the best places across the globe that is known for adventure and traditional games.

Though there are a few adventure sports that are extremely popular worldwide yet new to India, such as scuba diving, ballooning, snorkeling, paragliding, etc., there are some places in India that are known for the ultimate adventures and sports like rock climbing, trekking, etc.

Undoubtedly, Gulmarg Kashmir, Andaman Nicobar, Uttarkhand typically the first spots that come to mind when you think of adventure, while kalaripayattu, Kushti and Mallakhamb are the traditional sports that have gained world wide fame among people who love trying different kinds of traditional sports like these.
So if you are an adventure junkie living in India or visiting India, here are 8 of the best adventure activities and the best places to try them in:

1) Paragliding

Ever dreamt of flying high in the sky in your childhood? Here’s your chance to live that dream! Paragliding, like we all know, is a recreational and competitive flying sport. This sport is extremely fun for people who enjoy heights. A free-flying foot launched aircraft where you are made to sit in a harness that is suspended under a fabric wing is exactly what paragliding aircraft is all about. The suspension lines and the pressure of the air that enters the vents in the front of the wing form its shape. A popular aerial recreational sport that can give you an adrenaline rush.

Popular destinations for Paragliding: Solang, Ladakh, Darjeeling, Kamshet, Billing and South Anjuna in Goa.


2) Bungee Jumping

‘The leap of faith’ is what Bungee Jumping can be very well explained in. If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling water sport, you must try this! However, before you attempt this, know that it is not advisable for the faint hearted. If the stats are to be believed, you might be surprised that although many people opt to try it, but a majority of them give up right before the jump.

Popular destinations for Bungee Jumping: Rishikesh, Goa, Delhi and Bengaluru

Bungee Jumping

3) River Rafting

Another extremely popular adventure sport in India is River Rafting. Riding through those high tides of flowing river and the exotic location for tourists who love peaceful ambience and also to those who believe in hardcore adventure activities are a few things that describe river rafting. A crazy and a fun-filled activity that lets you plunge into the awesomeness that life has to offer, river rafting is highly recommended to try at least once. It’s one of the best ways to shun the hectic boredom once in a while.

Popular destinations for River Rafting: Zanskar, Manali, Rishikesh, Coorg and Brahmaputra

River Rafting

4) Waterfall Rappelling

Sounds fun? It is an absolute choice for people who love water sports. One of the most wonderful creations of nature is the waterfalls. Well, who would not love that scene? Sprawling beauty that one can explore a little further and deeper is the highlight of this sport, besides the fun climbing up the waterfall. Indeed the most adventurous way of doing it through water rappelling. Somebody explained it as – ‘an adrenaline pumping adventure on the waterfall down the rock and facing the extreme water torrent yourself’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Popular destinations for Waterfall Rappelling: Coorg in Karnataka and Vihigaon in Maharashtra are the best places to try Waterfall Rappelling in India.

Water Rappelling

5) Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing or helicopter skiing as popularly known is an adventure sport that is a highly recommended one in winters. However, it is not for everyone as only the experienced ones can relish this sport. To get to know the snow clad hills of the Himalayas closely, this can be the next adventure sport on your list.

Popular destinations for Heli Skiing: Gulmarg in Kashmir and Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Heli Skiing

6) Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an activity that helps you experience the beauty of India’s stunning underwater natural world. Considered as one of the safest ways of exploring life beneath the waters, snorkeling is all you need. Explore fascinating marine life from the surface of the water and witness this unique experience of snorkeling.

Popular destinations for Snorkeling: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Lakshadweep


7) Sky Diving

Sky Diving is an adventure activity needs immense guts to try. How does this appear to you? We would love to try this as it offers an experience to fly with the birds and who would want to skip this opportunity?

Popular destinations for Sky Diving: Deesa in Gujarat, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, Mysore in Karnataka, and Aamby Valley in Maharashtra

Sky Diving

8) Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is the adventure sport to witness the beautiful azure underwater world in India. One of the greatest sports activities across the globe, scuba diving requires you to know certain things before you start. It may not seem so but it is a complex sport as there are numerous obvious and hidden dangers that are a part of a scuba diving mission. For many professionals, this great sport often turns out to become a pastime. And the huge Indian water bodies undoubtedly offer great underwater experience that one would ever long for.

Popular destinations for Scuba Diving: Barracuda, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Islands of Netrani and Goa.

Scuba Diving

Although you may have a favorite sport already on your mind by now, but, are you not going to plan to explore something extraordinary from this list? Which one would you explore? We would love to hear from you!

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