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6 Ways in which Travelling Solo will Change your Life

Travelling is one of the best ways to give your mind the much needed peace when work and stress take over your thoughts. And if you’re looking for a way to clear your head and connect with your self, a solo trip to an exotic destination is all that your crammed mind needs to heal. Personally, I feel travelling is more like a hobby than a need that one should inculcate or have to lead a good and stress-free life. Travelling around is sheer joy when you have the company of nature’s beauty and adventures as presents, all along your journey.

While going on trips with other people is a lot of fun, travelling solo has its own set of advantages that one would agree to without any doubt. And this includes meeting new people, trying new dishes and cuisines, and that feeling of finding your destination with a road map in hand and a backpack as you leave your city to explore new horizons; something that every traveler craves for. What sets this experience apart from the rest is the intoxicating sensation of freedom, the wings on the shoulders and the spirit to conquer the world.

However, if I had to put all these things into one, the main advantage of travelling alone is that it is the best way to understand and connect with your inner self. Being all by yourself and exploring places helps you to see life/yourself in a different perspective. Although women were not encouraged to travel solo in earlier times, but now the times have changed. It may sound scary initially to travel solo, but once you get the taste of it, trust me, you will love to travel every now and then.

Here are a few advantages of travelling alone and how it will change you as a person:

1) You will be your own boss

Make rules and break rules. No one likes to be controlled when they are on a vacation. Compulsions or commands such as how to hold a route map, where to stay and what to eat, are all that you can avoid as a solo traveler. Traveling alone advantage #1 is that no one is commanding your actions and you can be as you like at all times.

2) You will get a lot of ‘Me time’

Travelling solo allows you to pamper yourself without any guilt. Just how you wish things to be and do all that you like. Remember, it is your trip so do whatever you want to do. From indulging in sinful, delightful food or shopping your heart out, you have all options open.

3) You will connect with your inner self

Taking a trip in your own company is one of the best things you can do to know your inner self better. Also, if you think you are dedicating enough time to yourself in a confined space, it is not even close to what getting out and exploring the world offers you. You cannot do this when you are sitting in a room filled with people or even with your loved ones. Limited space limits your exposure to vibrant energies and experiences. Moreover, travelling solo gives you memories that staying in confined rooms and lawns will not give you any time.

4) You will become a much stronger person

Many first time travellers find it scary and think of various what if and buts like getting lost on the trip or forgetting the route, etc., but these days online travel tips, travel guides and travel advisers are plenty in number, to help you with this and prepare you for a memorable experience. Solo trips give you that distinct confidence in yourself which you did not have when you started your journey. Once you return from your trip, you will be a new and better person; one capable of taking complete control of their life and not blindly trusting others to make important decisions. Remember, life is all about trying new things and overcoming your fears.

5) You’ll develop better navigational skills

Another advantage is that it improves your direction and navigation sense – something you will learn with ease when travelling alone. Your GPS and map will help you, but if you’re going some place remote, do pack in a compass too! You will just get better at this every time you travel alone.

6) You’ll forge new relationships

If you are an introvert or shy to mingle with people, travelling alone is all you need to get over this. The hesitation of meeting new people will vanish as you travel and explore destinations out in the open. And as we all know that mere a route map cannot lead you everywhere, hence, you will begin to interact and connect with people to direct you sometimes and from there it’s quite easy to mingle. You’ll also build cross-cultural relationships and possibly some amazing friends for life!

So, if you are having a weekend off and need a certain space for yourself, take a solo trip, be it to a far off place or to a nearby retreat. Travel to explore, travel to experience, travel to exploit some of the best moments that you wish to treat yourself within the coming time. And yes, the best part is that there is no chance of your friends cancelling the plan at the last moment!

Now that you know the advantages of travelling on your own, read our article on some of the things you should keep in mind when traveling solo.

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    Man is Travelar….He is own Boss… As nd wish to travel .. He start his own Jorney with proper planning to reach safe nd smooth Journey.

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